Fair Use Policy

Suspension of free inquiries at typenscheine.ch

The commercial use of the services of typenscheine.ch is chargeable. Up to now, private users have been able to use a limited range of functions free of charge (3 - 5 queries per day). Unfortunately, this fair use policy has been repeatedly violated and to a large extent. For this reason, the free queries will be discontinued by January 1, 2022 at the latest. We regret having to take this step, but unfortunately we are forced to do so due to user behavior. Our subscriptions

Members of a motorcycle or automobile club with whom typenscheine.ch has a corresponding agreement can continue to use the services free of charge. Members of such a club should contact the club officer to find out how they can get free access. Please note that such a free account is only intended for private use, any abuse will be sanctioned. Clubs that want to offer their members free access to typenschein.ch, please send an email to support@typenscheine.ch for further information.

Swiss authorities (police, road traffic authorities, etc.) receive free access on request. Please send an email to support@typenscheine.ch for further information / formalities.